When motivation is low or at its peak. Use the help of a personal trainer.

We offer different PT-packages depending on your goals and needs. You can choose to exercise on your own, with a friend, colleague or family member. Train outdoors, digitally or when its less people at the gym.

What is it like to workout with a personal trainer?

Each PT-session lasts 55 minutes. You receive help related to motivation, technique, exercises and training routines. Together, we tailor a program and set goals that suits you. During your first session, you fill out a health statement to ensure that your personal trainer will receive a full picture of your training background, lifestyle and your goals. Based on your goals, you and your personal trainer will agree on how many times and how long you will train together. Depending on what you want to focus on, you can test your fitness, strength, mobility or stability. Together, you follow up on the tests to ensure that you are moving in the direction you want.

PT-packages for 1 person

30-50 sessions 529 kr/session (non-members 629 kr)
20 sessions 579 kr/session (non-members 679 kr)
10 sessions 619 kr/session (non-members 719 kr)
5 sessions 649 kr/session (non-members 749 kr)
3 sessions 678 kr/session (non-members 778 kr)
1 session 699 kr/session (non-members 799 kr)

PT-packages for 2 persons

30-50 sessions 380 kr/session/person (non-memebers 480 kr)
20 sessions 405 kr/session/person (non-memebers 505 kr)
10 sessions 425 kr/session/person (non-memebers 525 kr)
5 sessions 440 kr/session/person (non-memebers 540 kr)
3 sessions 455 kr/session/person (non-memebers 555 kr)
1 session 465 kr/session/person (non-memebers 565 kr)

Payment by instalment

You are more than welcome to choose payment by instalment when you buy more than one personal training session. The instalment period is 6 months.