Welcome to Puls & Träning

How we make training happen

We believe in the old saying “The best workout is the one that actually happens” and we have taken this one step further. Here is what you can expect from us:


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Clean and fresh
We clean often and gladly. Why? Because we want you to like coming here. The goal is that you should want to come back week after week, year after year.


Generous hours of operation
We are open from 05 to 23 so you can work out whenever it suits you. Why not get your training done on the way home from work, or when the kids have fallen asleep.


No queuing
Using your precious time queuing for a machine is a serious motivation-killer. That’s why we have a limit on how many members that can join our gym.


Always close by
The chances that you will exercise regularly increases if your gym is close by. Therefore, we have invested in really good locations so that you can pop in whenever it suits you.

Personal trainer

We offer different PT-packages depending on what the goal of your training is and what your body needs are. You can choose to exercise alone with a PT, as well as accompanied by a friend, colleague or family member. View our prices here.

Do a free trial workout

Are you curious to see the insides of our gym and to find out what it is like to train at Puls & Träning? Welcome in for a free trial workout. To find out when you can do a free trial workout, click the button and search for your nearest gym in the list.